Big Data

  • We do Analyse, Visualize and Store a variety of unstructured data from infrastructure logs, excel, websites, sensors and ecommerce with “Tableau” for “Trending and Forecasting” Data.
  • Harvard based startup Experfy ( Launches Big-Data Training in Mohali(Punjab) in partnership with HTIS.
  • Instructors are from Harvard with experience around 15-20years in Tableau.


  • Providing End to End Solutions from Small to Medium to Large Enterprises & Data Centres.
  • CISCO Contact Centre ,CCNA Collaboration,CCNA R & S,CVP(IVR).
  • Experienced Faculty from CISCO.


  • Vice Like grip in providing services to Top Telecom Brands.
  • 4G,3G,2G,LTE,Wireless and Wireline core network fundamentals,On Site Training.