As network infrastructures continue to evolve and grow to meet end user demands, network administrators rarely have sufficient time to thoroughly document and evaluate the current infrastructure. However, planning preventive maintenance and expanding the network require precise inventory and configuration information about every network component.
A thorough on-site network audit is the only sure way to capture this essential information. A network audit is the first step towards network optimization. HTIS TELECOM Network audit consulting services can significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of your IT staff by providing them with documentation of your current infrastructure. Ultimately, the network audit results can become the foundation for a new network design.

HTIS TELECOM has a dedicated team for Network Audit which can provide following benefits to your organization:

More cost-effective and speedier expansion of your network
Improved planning of preventive maintenance
Reduced burden on your IT staff, even as the network grows and becomes more complex
Enhanced network performance, today and into the future