People Empowerment

At HTIS Telecom, we’ve built our business on empowerment. From the customers we partner, to the employees who bring it all together, we know that exciting things happen when people have the power to work to their full capabilities. Because of our dedication to making this happen, we have created a working environment that inspires individuals and encourages teamwork. The result is workplace built on meaningful connections, collaborative teams and the power to make great things happen in the Networked Society.

Career Development

Add your career to the resources of HTIS Telecom and amazing things can happen. Ours is a culture where people have the chance to pursue their career aspirations in a supportive and collaborative environment. Just as we connect the world through our networks, we make sure that each and every one of our employees has daily opportunities to learn, to grow and to connect with their colleagues.

What to expect

Imagine being an individual, in an environment where people listen. Being able to develop your career, in an environment where the opportunities are breath-taking in their size and scale. Being able to move in any direction – vertically or laterally, across cultures or projects, into new roles, new functions and new challenges – as you develop truly transferable career skills.

This is your Company: an arena in which you can achieve your personal goals and discover your true potential. What makes us different is that we’re a technology company that sees the world in a human way and we respect the people within it. So as you start out on an exciting career journey, we’ll be right alongside you – supporting you, developing your skills, and giving you the chance to work on a global scale.
Set high expectations. We will meet them.

Our Team

Our openness and work with customers and partners PAN India is empowering people to interact, and create feeling of oneness.
As part of HTIS Telecom, one become a force for positive change. Whether working in mobile networks, Networking Projects or Information and Communication Technology services, we make a real difference to people’s lives thru bridging the communications divides. We at HTIS Telecom are bringing innovation and integrity together to change the world for the better.