Big data is being generated by everything around us at all times. Every digital process and social media exchange produce it. Systems, sensors, and mobile devices transmit it. Big data is arriving from multiple sources at an alarming velocity, volume, and variety. To extract meaningful value from big data, you need optimal processing power, analytics capabilities, and skills.

What is changing in the realm of big data?

Big data is changing the way people within organizations work together. It is creating a culture in which business and IT leaders must join forces to realize value from all data. Insights from big data can enable all employees to make better decisions—deepening customer engagement, optimizing operations, preventing threats and fraud, and capitalizing on new sources of revenue. But escalating demand for insights requires a fundamentally new approach to architecture, tools, and practices.

competitive-advantage                                           Competitive advantage

Data is emerging as the world’s newest resource for competitive advantage.

decision-makingDecision making

Decision making is moving from the elite few to the empowered many.

value-of-dataValue of data

As the value of data continues to grow, current systems won’t keep pace.


Partnership of HTIS with Experfy

We launched HTIS to bring together the world’s most prestigious analytics talent that not only possesses algorithmic skills but also deep domain knowledge. We want to help enterprises hire the world’s best analytics talent to increase a speed of decision making, manage risk and understand customer needs. We are fundamentally disrupting how big data consulting is done today. We empower both clients and data experts by bringing them on a common platform, which minimizes administrative overhead and ensures full confidentiality. HTIS is here to usher a new era in which high-end consulting can take place in the cloud, on-demand.

About Experfy

Experfy is a big data consulting marketplace where enterprises hire vetted experts and vendors for their data, analytics, and business intelligence projects. All experts undergo a rigorous application process to demonstrate both technical expertise and domain knowledge. The Experfy platform also provides Expert Panels on a monthly subscription basis.

About I-LAB

Launched in November 2011, the Harvard Innovation Lab (i-lab) is a resource for any student at Harvard interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. Our programming is designed to help students grow their ventures at any stage of development and covers a wide range of disciplines.